About Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending is a Canadian non-profit offering low-interest career loans to help newcomers pay for

the education they need to succeed in Canada. Since 2005, Windmill has supported over 10,000 immigrants

and refugees to overcome underemployment and succeed in their careers.

We partner with institutions to help their members cover costs of tuition, accreditation, relocation and living

costs. Our affordable loans are designed to meet the unique needs of immigrant clients, who often cannot

access mainline credit, by providing a fixed interest rate that is lower than other financing options.

About the partnership

Windmill Microlending and CIBC have partnered to support internationally-trained dentists looking to

advance through the NDEB (National Dental Examining Board) equivalency process and continue their

careers in Canada. Windmill can help you afford the related costs of assessment, training, licensing exams,

supplies and even a living allowance during a study period.

A Windmill loan provides the support you’ll need to launch your accreditation journey successfully, and our

unique partnership with CIBC enables you throughout the licensing process.

Start your application today and get approved for $25,000 in as little as 3 business days. To be eligible for this student loan, it must be referred by CIBC, and applicants should possess an active line of credit with CIBC.

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