Career Planning and Success Resources

Resource: Career Change Navigator

  • Purpose: Assists immigrants and refugees in navigating career transitions successfully.
  • Contents:
    • Career change checklist.
    • Transition tips.
    • Links to supporting resources and organizations.
    • Advice from successful career changers.
  • Benefits: Helps individuals weigh financial risks, opportunities, and challenges in a career change.

Resource: Trending Jobs Report

  • Purpose: Provides updated labor market data on growing job sectors in Canada.
  • Contents:
    • Province-by-province report on in-demand job fields.
    • Information for career planning and advancement.
  • Benefits: Guides immigrants and refugees in choosing career paths aligned with market trends.

Resource: Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide

  • Purpose: Addresses major challenges faced by skilled immigrants in Canada, offering strategic advice.
  • Contents:
    • Career success checklists and exercises.
    • Information on career loans, mentorship, and networking.
  • Benefits: Equips newcomers with tools to navigate the Canadian labor market effectively.

Resource: Educational Pathways Guide

  • Purpose: Guides internationally-trained professionals in obtaining recognition and accreditation in Canada.
  • Contents:
    • Information on licensing and accreditation processes.
    • Province-specific guidance for various professions.
  • Benefits: Helps individuals understand steps to re-enter their professions in Canada.

Resource: Credential Assessment Information

  • Purpose: Educates individuals on credential assessment services for educational pathways in Canada.
  • Contents:
    • Information on credentialing and equivalence services.
    • Guidance on regulatory requirements for licensing processes.
  • Benefits: Facilitates informed decisions on educational programs and career pathways.

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